Saturday, 30 April 2011

Fever....? What say you?

I've been feeling under the weather for the past few days which lead to me having high fever. Typical climate issue with mother nature, for these whole week, we felt the heat and cold sensation, not the mention the daylight and rainy times were totally out of porportion, most of the people around were falling sick and ill. I find everything was out of balance, not to mention I myself were out of balance.

I have been on fever for the past 3 days, and last 2 nights were the worst of all days. I was totally flatted out and my world is spinning around(literally). Yesterday was a bit better, but I still have those dizziness feeling. When the whole team was having break, I was by myself at the floor, thought it would be safe for me to walk around, to keep my blood circulating...Little did I notice, my legs starts to wobble and I had to grab hold of the nearest workstation just to keep myself up. It was no joke when I find myself in that stage, feeling about to pass out.

Acting cool and clueless, sat myself down back at my place as I tried to focus to the monitor infront of me. 'Wow' i told myself, 'that was a close one. I wondered what would actually happened if I actually passed out on the floor?' That would be a total embarrassment. Huhu (^_^)

Anyway, I can't deny that these past few days the weather was not that kind, it has been very cold and rainy. I used to tell myself that my health is like the cats', when ever rainy or cold seasons, it will find a cosy spot, all curled up and hibernate. If the cats stay awake to be in the wet environment, it will totally get sick.

Now, I find myself being well, being active but I can never know for sure am I well enough, still having those shivers, still feeling cold, coughing, body aching and cramps, sore throat, and cold feet(literally). What am I to do because I do fear if I were to have dengue again....*sigh*

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