Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Do's and Don'ts of Climbing the Career Ladder ~ borrow from Little Black Dress Webpage.

1. DO make an effort to get to know people and socialise – network, network darling! Because it really is as much about who you know as what you know.
DON’T do this by spending your working day on Facebook – when we say ‘get to know people’ we mean your colleagues.

2. DO do your boss’s work for them if they ask you to – it is a sad fact (as Venus Gilroy, star of Memoirs are Made of This knows all too well) that on the way up your good nature and skills may be used and abused. But they will get you noticed and promoted…eventually.
DON’T, (repeat) DON’T, do what Venus does and prove to be better at your boss’s job than they are – this does not go down well. Although, as Venus will tell you, it’s worth noting that the above is considered a slightly less heinous crime than hitting it off with your boss’s extremely cute ex...

3. DO take on extra responsibilities – errands, paperwork, anything that’s going. It’s not glamorous but it will get you noticed.
DON’T take extra long lunch breaks – we all know that an hour isn’t enough time to hit the shops, get your nails done, catch up with your friends and get something to eat but them’s the rules, kid.

4. DO be the first to arrive at work and the last to leave – ‘sleep’ and ‘a social life’ are no longer part of your vocabulary. Dedication and diligence is what will get you to the top.
DON’T be the first to arrive at staff drinks and the last to leave – having drunk the bar dry, performed your truly ‘unique’ party trick and told anyone who’ll listen (and those who won’t) that your boss makes Anna Wintour look like Mother Teresa.

5. DO try to make a good impression – always dress to impress and remain in good humour, no matter what’s thrown at you (even if it’s a hole punch). DON’T get caught doing an impression of your boss – no matter how good your impersonation, this is sooo not a good look and in no way will they see ‘the funny side’.

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