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How to Make Her Love You More - 5 Love Secrets to Make Her Yours Forever by Steffi Hall(Tuesday, December 28, 2010)

When you get plagued by that undeniable warm feeling inside of you, where you don't seem to know what to do and you just have to get near that someone making you feel so happy and jumpy --- then congratulations --- you just have fallen in love! Although we can all attest to the fact that being in love is good, we can't deny as well that the urge to attract that someone and make her fall in love to you too is too strong to deny. But before you start praying and rely everything to your lucky stars, it's important you realize that there are actually love secrets when it comes to how to make her love you and more --- here's how:
  • Don't be too available. Make her miss you --- being inseparable is good but there will come a point that being inseparable can be boring. Being there for her all the time can make her not think of you as more than a friend that's why important you show her that you have a life beyond her --- that will definitely peak her interest with you all the more.
  • Be sweet and romantic. Every girl fantasizes of a dream guy who's sweet and romantic. Being a bit chummy sometimes won't hurt and most women tend to want someone who can recite poetry or get all cozy with you while cuddling by the warm couch every now and then. So go ahead and unleash a little cheesiness in you.
  • Make her try new things. Women love getting intrigued of anything mysterious, a bit of drama to add spice in life and an adventurous guy to top it all off. Be open to new things and learn how to embrace change and that would definitely get her curiosity clock ticking.
  • Always fascinate her. Being nice is nice but being nice can also come off as a bit boring. And no girl wants to hangout with a boring guy --- it's self-explanatory. Hone your sense of humor and witty skills --- women would always go for the smarter guy more than anything else.
  • Be a little aggressive. Being consistent and insistent has it's perks --- you see, women tend to play a little hard-to-get every now and then that's why you need to have patience of steel if you're really that serious in pursuing her. When you do, you will be reaping your rewards soon and it will be all worth it, I tell you.
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