Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Troubled self inflicted by own selfishness

“Mirror in the sky,
What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise up above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tide?
Can I handle the season all my life? (Uh-huh, Uh-huh)”

This beautiful piece that was sung by the Dixie Chicks has shown how you reflecting how you feel about the person you care most. Whether it's your best friend or your family...If those people can relate definitely they can understand what was meant by this song.

Hmmm.... I just wonder what if all these are a part of God miraclous plan, we're just actors on His own big stage?(those words were quoted)....Some things just can't be explained, and some has it's own reason for things to happened. I'm sorry to all those people who was misunderstood for the past week... I know I've hurt so many people in order for me to have my own space.... Received so many good news and bad news over the week which makes it overwhelming for me to face it.

Just imagine, finding out that you have an impromptu trip to Melaka on Saturday, one of my best friends in town wanted to spend time, finding out one of your good friends just passed away, knowing another good friend just gave birth, not to mention, Boss organizes an open table at TGIF at The Curve, potential buyer buying the house, maid demands to go home and my own conflict to deal with.... and everything have to be attended on the same Saturday...then, to top it all of, predicted 3 of those friends got upset for deceiving them(or at least 2 of them) just to have my own space and got myself into trouble.... If only I can split myself into several piece and each attends the following situations, I won't be in this big mess.

*Sigh* Why have I became such a monster this passed week? Why am I always stuck in tghe middle of all these chaos? I thought with my life now, I should be laying low and not to expose myself until it became like this.... thanks babe(u know who u are) for pointing out the blindspot that I have been facing during this hard times...

As for that "certain" someone, thanks for "really" understanding me, for showing me sometimes in friendship is not all that great and not really being a good friend to you. However, I still love you though and BIG apologies for not able to explain to you clearly about the situation personally. It doesn't help when the issue comes from me being angry at you most of the time(until I don't even know what I'm angry anymore)...

And last but not least, I'm sorry to another best friend of mine for ignoring you all this time. I took advantages of the situation and forget that you too are always there all these years.... my fault completely.....I admit...

Now, my blog just sounded like some cheesy speech for democratic politicians, I must say...huhu (^_^)
Anyway, I've speak my piece out to you and hopefully everything will turn back right side up.... Peace!!! (^,-)V

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