Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Coffee Theory about Self-Reflection!!!" created on "Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 5:59pm"

When you have friends, they sometimes can never tell the truth when crisis is upon one's self. Friends will be just like a nice warm hot chocolate that sips through during a cold steel night.

I always put my faith on my friends whenever I feel my wall crumbles down, but can never know for sure there will always a wolf wearing sheeps' fur....~That's how my dad would remind me...'It's a harsh world out there' he said. 'Not everything is Creme Brulee!'...And it is true though. The world you live in is not all merry and jolly. People will experience ther roller coaster of life.

There are also the blaiming game...Oh, there's a lot of types that will conclude to this sad ending conclusion. Hatred, loathe, revenge, envious and jealousness are some of the act which will reflect either one's self own turmoil or causing other people to get hurt. That's why it is good to talk about much so to express it.

Some people say that once a sworn enemy, can never be friends. Some say it's just not right. For me, an enemy can really be a teacher to one's self. And I call it a 'Coffee relationship'. For somebody who despise the taste for coffee can never appreciate the taste for it.

Coffee is bitter if it is taken as it is, but each different types of the bean will give a totally different taste, aroma and scent. When one's self discover his/her own favorite coffee, believe me when I say,you,the reader, will enjoy the taste of it. And you will also agree when I say 'Enemy's also can be a good friend and a good teacher'~~~same as the Coffee Theory!!!


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