Saturday, 14 May 2011


Everybody here have own wishes roaming around their head... I wish I had mine made up and comes true.... But I did not expect that I'll be sticking arround for almost 5 years now... Is it time to pursue my own dream? Can I just drop everything I own and move a different place instead....??

I know I am much more that what I can give and I know I can succeed if I'm willing to take a risk...but it is such a risky and bold move...Hmmm....*sigh*....especially "soom booo deee" at my age....

Biting my fingers as I'm making my decision...*yikes*... "Ya Allah, help me through this tough times as I'm unwillingly and uncertain on making such decision....Amin..."

Oh yeah... tough to accept the fact when my instincts were true....I knew that something is going to go wrong and I hate it for a fact.... not to mention bad luck after bad experience after bad events are happening to me and people around me... As I said before.... :
                1. I scratch my car on my way to work;
                2. I had to start answering calls, a the same time that agents kept on popping up to me either to assure informations or to pass over a supervisor's case,;
                3. Problem with superior about a couple of cases, not to mention;
                4. A system glitch on applying annual leave which is unexplainable;
                5. Internal service deliverence case which will somehow prove I'm incompetent;
                6. Agent's application for another position got denied;
                7. Penalizing agents' due to performance issue and IDR problems;
                8. Getting questions on not improving my performance for the past months;
                9. Getting myself into trouble just so.......hmmm...*sigh*
                10. Got my car into riding over a big-gigantic rock and got stuck...(I totally did not see it at all, my mind was somewhere in the cloud)*Darn*
                11. Feel wanna pull myself out from such troubled week;
                12. Also, wanna pull myself out from... ehem ehem!!!!!
                13. Last, but not least, I feel like I wanna hide away somewhere so that these problems go away.... Letting the time mends all wounds.....

Why is it happening in sequence like this....? I dare not step ahead nor step back, it's as if there are no way out of this mess....What can I do now that all these things are clouding my head..?

Sometimes I do forget how to breathe...breaking down and cry my head off (oh wait a minute, did that already....) but still, no leads on finding a good way out here....Face the music and until pushed to the wall would be the only solution , I guess....*sigh* 'Noreen.... Noreen.... what am I gonna do with you!?' *sob sob*

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