Sunday, 8 May 2011

Still Confused??!!

I tend to find myself stuck in the middle of other people's business whereby I should know better not to participate on any conflicts and problems. As you all know, I have enough problems to last me a lifetime. But still, I don't know why I will get myself into any mess and try to fix things. I can't say for certain that I'm a perfectionist, because I'm not. Just can't help seeing other people in dilemma whereby I could have just leave it alone somehow......

A few days back I had posted in my wall about being confused.... Then... The next day I posted up again of being confused again.....Well, honestly speaking.... I have not had any clue what to do with what I'm going through. I really want to leave it alone and run my own life by things which are happening to me are a big distraction. I wish I could just walk away, but I definitely can't because I have to face it every single day. I come to find myself stuck on this journey, on a stand still in the middle of nowhere, hanging at the crossroad.

Oh Lord, I have no idea what you are planning here but it's killing me deeply. I do have faith in every single tests You have given me, but this one is just too hard. I am happy that all ends well and each ends have its own beginning... But what is it that You want me to learn from all this? Please help me through the days.... Kindly reconsider the fragile heart which is wavering for some mercy and blessings.....Help me to be stronger each day as for I am Your servent, I pray to you to have mercy on me....In Your name, Ya Allah, I humbly pray to thee for some comfort and blessings...

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