Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Love~? Are you sure about the terms?

Love comes as it is, neutral, pure and true, and becomes solace to people who owns it. It takes two people actually have the same feeling, or should I say simultaneously occur in two individuals emotion.

I wonder what is going on this month….. As I posted up in my Facebook profile, “Now it’s like a season of break-ups, separation and divorce amongst people around me. What’s going on & WTF, people…? Haven’t you got any balls to be a little bolder & wiser in your own relationship? Or you just think all these are just games to you? Is this what you call being an adult? Not patient enough to keep everything together? (24th July 2011)”, I’m wondering what is going on here? I understand that most of you have problems and all, but it doesn’t hurt to at least spend 5 minutes to talk and try work things out… If you let your emotions run wild, then you are no better than the person who became the reason you two broke up.

If you want to play the victim, go ahead, but at the end of the day, you know that you’ve done the most regretful thing and feeling remorseful of how the relationship ends. Try to be more grateful of what you have since you have one to keep. I know as you aged, the market goes down (I’m talking about the women)… and it goes up for the men because most eligible bachelors are to die for. They have their charms and wisdom and sweet talks, those single ladies will be mesmerized and fall to their laps instantly.

I’ve gone through a few relationships, myself, and I can say it is not as easy as it seems… It is easy to fall in love, it is easy to get into a relationship, but it is hard to keep one and sustaining it for the rest of your life. It is much harder to call it all off as it takes up a lot in you; mind, spirit and soul. There are a lot of lesson about yourself to be learned as your go through in the relationship you are in. It can either be a mirror to you or it can set differences to keep the both of you being together.

Who doesn’t want a perfect relationship? It’s ok to have arguments, silence and little foul-play. Tolerance is highly recommendable and patience is something to keep the relationship. Argument is for acknowledging each other on things needed to be improved and communication is merely a bridge on for these two individuals on have the utmost miracle thing that connects them.

Then people, whomever who has the idea of letting go a relationship, please sit down and give a deep thought…. If nothing matters, then think deeper… If you know that your relationship would not work out by the end of the day, don’t ever get into a relationship in the first place. Human hearts ~ feeling are easy to be played with, tampered and broken over and over again. Emotions are way too fragile to carry the burden of sorrows. Don’t ever give any foolish reasons for all hell to break loose.

I’m not encouraging for all of you to reconsider on all possibilities to break up with your partner, but in enduring the possibilities to end it up horribly. But if you do have to end it up, don’t ever use a pretty lame excuse of, “I can never learn to love anymore since I let him/her go; or he/she left me”, or “My parents have arranged me to be wed to… ”, or “I love you both, but I love him/her more than I love you”… Those are not a good reason to get off a relationship.
Be yourself and tell the person you are with the actual truth. “I maybe falling out of love with you, we do need time to re-evaluate our stands” are most common ice-breaker on telling the truth about how you feel. Think about it, aight……

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