Thursday, 21 July 2011

5 cues that separate the dating duds from your dream dude

Finding it hard to get past your first date? Discover key elements to help you influence the chemistry that exists during this pivotal moment.

So here’s the scenario:
You’re out on a date with this guy; he’s cute, funny, charming and quite the conversationalist. At this point, you’ve also deemed him Mr. Almost Perfect because he has somehow met the requirements of your mental checklist for the ideal guy. It just can’t get better than this; the dinner setting is oh-so romantic, the music is subtle and inviting, the lighting is just right…heck, even crappy food taste great when you’re with him. You’re just too gooey-eyed to notice that for the past hour or so, your dream guy has been going on and on about how his ex left him. The fact that he even mentioned about his ex during YOUR date is a testament to this: he’s just not that into you.

1. Your date is constantly looking at his cell phone or answering text messages every few minutes or so.
Unless he is expecting a call from his parole officer, psychiatrist or mother reminding him about his curfew or to take his prescribed meds, his main focus should be on YOU and YOUR conversation. Text messages from his gaming buddies and especially his exes can certainly wait.

2. When asked questions, he gets more and more disinterested or agitated.
Have you noticed that every time you direct a question at him, his response never exceeds one or two words, or that he often responds to you with arms folded firmly across his chest, jaws clenched, nostrils flaring, eyes rolling or a sigh escaping? Well, there’s a huge chance he just wants you to shut up! Guys can be generally insensitive, but this kind of behaviour goes overboard.

3. Your date is constantly getting up from his seat.
Unless he has A.D.D., irritable bowel syndrome or red ants in his pants, there shouldn’t be so many excuses for him to get up from his seat. Visiting the men’s room is certainly excusable, but taking his cell phone in every time he visits and spending a good amount of time in there as opposed to spending that time with you is questionable. And unless your date has double-parked his car, there shouldn’t be a reason for him to get up ‘abruptly’ more than twice to spend time at the parking lot. In that case, he should have just brought you to a fast food drive-thru for dinner!

4. His eyes keep wondering about and they never settle on you. You’re probably wondering whether your date has loose eye muscles or a looser behaviour because his eyes are constantly darting about the room; staring at a group of beauties who have just walked in, or at the next table and their fabulous food. Either way, they seem to be more interesting to him than you. So don’t waste your time with this one… move on to a yummier and more deserving male-dish. NEXT!

5. He compliments you… and then compares you with his ex. Every girl loves a compliment… but not when that compliment is served with a comparison to an ex! You should be his MAIN DISH and current squeeze. You shouldn’t be reduced to a side-dish and have to compete with yesterday’s news. There’s a good reason why she is his ex. And for whatever those reasons may be, you certainly don’t want to be compared with those negative traits. It’s just degrading!

So, read between the lines, honey…and make a beeline for the nearest exit! Dating a dud is not worth your time. You’re much better than that!

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