Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Using the time-spend as reason to blow me off? *Scoff*


Acquaintance: not a true friend—sharing of emotional ties is absent.

Best friend (or close friend): A person someone shares extremely strong interpersonal ties with as a friend.

Bro or Bruh or Sis:  It is someone who one identifies with on a deeper level. While partying might influence one's bros, true bro/sis' stick by each other through thick and thin. While one male might call another a bro, the true bro is a person who is the male's brother, a friend so close, that blood relations do not matter.

Buddy: a circle of friends or acquaintances that one has during certain events or also referred to a close friend.

Casual relationship or "friends with benefits": A sexual or near-sexual and emotional relationship between two people who do not expect or demand to share a formal romantic relationship. This can also refer to a "hook-up".

Communal friendship: a friendship in which the friends gather often to provide encouragement and emotional support in times of great need. This type of friendship tends to last only when opposing parties fulfill the expectations of support for the relationship.

26th March 2012, 9:21PM:: "Its been 10 years aku kawan ngan ko. Kalo aku nak step out pun dr dulu aku dah buat dah. But still aku dgr je masalah ko. Kan. Baru ni jek aku berbunyik. N ko yg emo sgt. Its been 10years ko dok ulang benda yg sama. Ur own fren asking me.. How desprate r u? Ur own fren tell me sengaja x nak jawab call ko sbb u spend so long in the phone talking cock. Aku yg paling rapat ngan ko ni, sakit ati dgr. Tapi aku nak buat mcmana. Sbb aku nasihat ko x pernah dgr. At least mase aku gaduh ngan bapak aku. Ko suruh aku balik kg . Aku balik kan?aku bg ko time pk sendiri wat been happen to you this past 10 years. Seems like u not pk at all. Yg ko tau. Aku x nak kawan ngan ko sbb aku anggap ko burden. Lantak ko la farah. Ur life. Ur world. If still nak duk perangai tu lagi. Go ahead. "


This is one of the messages that I've received from one of "my friends".... Not blaming and all, just that it does sound ridiculous and all.... I watch myself in the mirror and I see a very scared kid on the other side trying to live her life day by day trying not to regret and moving on..... Yes, I am worried about all the big stuff, mum not being well most of the time, dad is particularly in the same situation too, friends getting married, friends with drama, problems internal and external.... So what, people have situations like that too, not same, but similar issues surrounding them..... Just that my issues are "loud"....
People(humans) are not suppose to be perfect. People can give all sorts of advices but whether they take it or not, it is up to them... Yes, I do give a sh*t about what people think about me, about the advices that they give me and about people having problem with me.... I'm human, what can I say... People whom is/are heartless enough can actually say it out loud that they don't care.... This is what makes it me, people-who-have-problems-with-me... This is who I am.... You have a problem with that, so be it, deal with your self-esteem issues.... 

I maybe all grouchy, irrational and erratic now, but deep down you all know that I don't avenge, disloyal, nor hold any grudge against all of you... I have issues with you personally, I would confront you and tell it straight to your face.... If you can't swallow or accept the fact that it is true, it's all up to the person that I confronted. They want it to matter or don't is entirely up to them....I don't force you to follow my advice... it is all up to you and I'll drop the subject; and only to bring it up whenever you start to share the matter with me again....

There... I laid it out.... You all should be ashamed of yourselves with all the nonsense and BS that I've been getting... Now, if some of you think that it is true in anyway, or not worth having me as your friend or had enough of me, it would be best for you to keep away from and acknowledge me...I really dare you to come up to my face and say-it if it makes you feel any better..... Fair~?!

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