Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A letter to you

This is my diary... I can say whatever I want to say.... but the thing is... despite of whatever that I say here, jauh kat sudut hati, saya mmg tak bermaksud nak menyakiti sapa2.... I miss you... I miss you so much... but instead, I get this silent treatment from you.... which is not fair at all.

I know that this is "some sort of a relationship", and I cannot demand anything from you like other couples do... However, I do have a heart and emotions.... I know what I'm getting myself into here when I agreed with you with this arrangement(engage)... but don't abandon me without a word.... we promised not to keep it from each other if one of us are ready to move on... right?

I can ignore what complications that you may face, mengharapkan sume settle dgn eloknya....When you are ready to come back, I'll be here...Insyallah, I will.... Jangan gi jauh2.... I can't stand to be apart from you...

**Cewah, berjiwang aku kat sini...Tak de maknanye... this statement I found in my diary a long time ago... masa I was with one of my ex(s)...Actually, it was a letter that was never sent... Masa zaman2 rebeh emosi bergantung harap dgn janji2 palsu... Anyway... bila baca balik... terasa kelakar giler....Last2, aku kene tuduh pompuan bodoh sebab asyik kene tipu jer....

Aku dah move on and happy with my life now. I wish him all the best and best of luck to marry the girl of his dreams(clearly it was not me). I hope he can understand the reason I needed him to keep away from me.....Bottom line is:: I'm amazed to myself sebab boleh buat statement bodoh macam ni time emo dgn dia ....Hadui**

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