Monday, 23 January 2012

Updates about my so-called Emotions!!!!

This past weeks, I have been roaming around town just to revisit all the places that I have been before this. Bukit Bintang, Ampang, KLCC, TAR Road and Chaokit Road are just some of the places that I've been to.... the furthest that I've gone to such as KLIA, LCCT, Putrajaya, Kajang, Bangi, and some parts of Shah Alam....My goodness, I never thought that the road can be so compact and hectic. Nowadays, I travel to work which will occupy about 2 hours of my time to and fro.... I do feel like I'm going back to my home town in Dong, Pahang.

Moving on....

"Sehari kurasa sebulan
Hatiku tiada tertahan
Ku pandang kiri
Ku pandang kanan
Dikau tiada
Risau...." ~Jeritan Batinku, P Ramlee

I've been receiving a lot of invitation on weddings, friends, close relative, family, long distance friend, collegues, ex-collegue... you name it, I received it all. I thank you all for sending those invitations, and there are some that I was unable to go, my deepest apologies. I just couldn't cope with a lot of pressure.... What? What do I mean by pressure...? Having people coming up to you and asking you about getting married, the lucky fella and all those crap.... I would have to just say, I would have to gather a lot of strength to actually face the music and the crowd. Going through those moments makes me feel more desperate to find a suitor. Bugger!!!!!

I wish I have more to say... I wish I was as good as before.... as it was when I wrote "Coffee Theory about Self-Reflection!!!" created on "Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 5:59pm"....Until then... I have to brush up making-my-homework skills and  gather more information in order to write something as good as that.