Sunday, 27 November 2011

A little something, something...

Sorry guys for not posting for several weeks now... As all of you have known, these past couple of weeks I was quite sick, a bit delusional due to the high fever and bad cough. I even lost my voice. Some say it was troublesome to actually listen to every word that I say since I was literally whispering to them.

Thank god that I manage to rebound out of the sickness, gain back my voice and try to move on with my life day by day. I can say that my days were full of ups instead of downs. I totally have my share when things doesn't fall into place, I got isolated... I thought I could hide it until somebody actually come up and ask me of it. I didn't realize that it was that obvious to their naked eyes.

Oh well, it was a part of the daily experience. I can't force everybody to like me. As my dad always reminded me, "keep an arm's distance from your friends"... I can relate to what he is trying to teach me, and I bet you daddies out there can relate to this.... Most dad will remind their child/children that they are not going to be here forever, correct each mistakes you made, protect you from harm and heal those broken hearts. But they'll teach you how to be firm, wise/intelligent, loving and street smart... You may not like the idea of having strict parents, but they'll be the voices in your head until the day you die and will always keep you grounded.

I cannot even imagine without them or loosing neither of them. While I was ill, I sat down with my dad, going through my meds and doing some catching up, out of the blue, comes the big question.... Have you found a suitor for yourself? Looking into his eyes, I was quite certain he is worried that his only daughter will not be settling down anytime soon... Nothing much for me to say really except for "none so far, find for me one*chuckles*"... Pitiful, right... Anyway, I can't believe that he still ask about Razman and all.... Speechless from my side.

Moving on:: As soon as I was well, I was completely, utterly hopeless and broke...Not to mention, how much I missed singing whenever I was down and pathetically lonely... Yes, people... Lonely!!!! It is not a crime to admit oneself is lonely, all of the sudden. I do have a strong feeling that I am not at all good at keeping my man(if I ever to get one)...Anyway, everyday is a new start... and I want to spice up my life a bit... So, the word change is so yesterday, people.... Re-vamp is more likely. 

Honestly speaking... I have completely no idea where to start....Any ideas, guys?


  1. hey darling,
    razman? who is he? jeng jeng jeng..hahah

    finally i found ur blog, nice weyh :) btw, talking about father, my dad never remind me anything except Stop Smoking and "please lah pandai buat kerje2 kampung"...and now, i know how to "buat kerje2 kampung" but i can't stop smoking.. so stubborn right. :P good 4 u to have parent like them.

    get well soon...wait wait wait... u ate Spaghetti Abu khurairah yesterday right...hahah , kiddin'

  2. Razman... hmm... He is history...

    Parents will always be parents, they are the music in my head whenever I know I wanna do the unexpected.. hehe ^_^ ... At least good for you to have such grounded parents too... kalo tak, tak de nye dia nak ingat kan u sharpen your skills on all the "keje2 kampung"... hahahaha

    Thanks for the wish...Spegethi Abu Hurairah... Kalo lah ada wujudnye spegethi tu.. tak sanggup makan...nak simpan elok2..hehe...

    don't stop vblogging... it is interesting though.. See u soon...

  3. he3, yeah thanks btw..
    orite, tengah cari mood nk bervlogging balik. idea dah ade but simpan dalam notepad je..hu3,

    c u soon bebeh :P