Monday, 17 October 2011

My Prayers ~ Enraen Haferr

I hope you find your way tomorrow
I wish you well and have a safe journey home
I wish for the best on facing your obsticales
I pray for your success in life
"You can do it...Good luck.... I'm all the way with ya", somehow fate will be on your side
No matter how hard it is, you will know people will always have faith on you....
I know you can.... I know you can....

For every beginning must come to an end
And every ending enters there must be a paraphrase of new beginnings
But I know my prayers will not stop until I see you succeed
I must come to an end to make way for your new beginning
Watching from afar, I know you are in good hands
I will always be here within a single prayer...

~Enraen Haferr

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